What are Google Core Updates?

What are the Google Core Updates?

We are trying to figure out the challenges facing y webmasters and SEO experts due to Google core update rolled out in the month of may2020. We are also discuss here the repercussions on your websites caused due to this update.

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I am sure you have read the number of articles about it but here I am not only going to provide you with the update but also discuss the possible solution to break this puzzle.

This blog is going to be long but sticks with me till the end and you will get the best answer to this problem.

What are Google Core Update?

Google Core updates are more like the changes in the google core search algorithm made by the company, based on the user’s search experience to produce better results.

Google May 2020 Core Update was the talk in town. It is the biggest algorithm update in recent times. Even the company announced that the update started to roll out on 4th May and completed on 18th May.

May 2020 Core update is complete twitter

Here is a major shift at the end of the content creators/bloggers/webmasters to overcome with it and break the code to rule the search engine.

Google never reveals the changes they made. It’s always the puzzle or to crack the code of behavioural search to identify the changes made by the company in its core algorithm and how it behaves for the content creators/webmasters.

Here comes a big challenge for us to notice the behaviour of searches and the results produced from it.

With extensive research over the internet and keen observation of the search results produced by the search engine, it is possible to again achieve your previous position but again here is a rider to that “How serious are you to produce relevant content for the audience not for traffic or Adsense?”

What is the purpose of Google core update?

We can take an example of democracy in a country, as we vote and elect the relevant candidate as our leader based on his skills, knowledge and passion to contribute to the country. In the same way, you can take search engines as well the most likely content can be at the top because users are interested in it, they are benefiting from it reasons can be many.

When Google says, work on the content part and try to build as good as you can it simply means survival of the fittest.

There are more than 600 million blogs would already be indexed on search engines across, now the challenge is which should go on top and which should die.

In every six months or so Google releases these core updates to keep on improving its algorithm so that its users would get the best of the best results.

Almost every time when Google rolls an update, website or blogs will inevitably notice a drop or gain in SERP.

How Many Core updates released till now?

Google rolled out more than 100 releases since it came into existence. But if we talk about major core updates in the last three years. Here are they 

  • May 2020 Core Update  —  May 4, 2020
  • January 2020 Core Update  —  January 13, 2020
  • September 2019 Core Update  —  September 24, 2019
  • June 2019 Core Update  —  June 3, 2019
  • March 2019 Core Update  —  March 12, 2019
  • Unnamed Core Update  —  April 17, 2018
  • “Brackets” Core Update  —  March 8, 2018

If still, you are looking for the complete list of updates rolled out by Google, Mos blog published it whenever new updates arrive.

How does core update effects websites/blogs?

It’s been more than a month and even a few of my clients can easily figure out an exponential dip in website traffic and few of them witnessed a good hike on their website traffic.

It’s a bit tricky and near impossible to know the changes made by the search engine. But here comes the real challenge for us to identify and act accordingly.

But Google clearly mentions that the website may see a variation of +/- 10% in the traffic. Even I have noticed a fluctuation in the traffic on my client’s website.

Some time back SEM Rush shared some useful information with us. Quoting from its blog, News industry comes out as biggest beneficiary and the winner from this updates

If analyse the organic traffic of Indian Express, one of the leading newspaper in India. You may clearly see the traffic rice on 4th May 2020

What can we do to fix this?

According to Google there is nothing to fix if rankings drop after a core update.

But how come webmaster/bloggers/content creators sit quietly and will not try to break it. So lets work together to understand it.

Very clearly I am going to tell you about the 4 best possible way to keep the content ranking high in the SERP. As we don’t have much idea about the changes we should do it by ANALYSING.

Lets break it into 4 parts and go back to where we have started early in 2010.

1. Comparative Study

Get your analytical skills ready here to identify the changes in the traffic graph of pre-Google core update and post-core update.

Many tools are available to identify the strategies adopted by the competitors and if they are getting good results then we can also TRY the same.

But the logic says not just studying the competitors marketing trends but also to analyse the content trend they are working on.

Analyse the pattern of content writing, selecting the topic for their blogs, study the relevancy of the content from its domain, proper use of key phrases in the content can help you in a big way.

2. Analysing search queries

To understand the behaviour of searches it is important to keep eyes on two most important tools Analytics and Webmaster.

  • Keep track of daily queries generated through Google.
  • Monitor the phrases and keywords used in those queries using webmaster or Analytics
  • Take the help of Google trends.
3. SERP Analysis

Most of the website experienced the shuffle in ranking on Google, it is important to monitor and understand them that why are they at that position.

Are they more organised than others, Is the content quality far superior or instead of writing stories they are delivering real solutions to the problems?

It completely based on industries requirement in which you are.

4. Google Search Suggestions

Suggestions provided by google at the bottom of the SERP

Most of us don’t understand the significance of the suggested phrases provided by Google at the bottom of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

When someone searches something on Google, at the bottom of the page you can see “Searches Related To” suggestions, Some phrases popped up with the query requested from Google. You may use the most relevant phases as the part of your content, whether it can be used as a heading, inside the body or meta tags.

But before doing all these smart efforts I would also suggest you to have a look what google says 9 years back.

In 2011 Google published a list of guidance on building high-quality sites and trust me it is still relevant.

The Game does not end here. Soon coming up with New Ranking Factors also known as core web vitals. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions related to the article please comment down below. I will try to reply asap.


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