What are the best blogging platforms available in 2020

What are the best blogging platforms available in 2020

Sharing with you these three blogging platforms which you may use to start your own journey. Choosing right place to start is equally important as creating content. Here are the the best blogging platforms available in 2020.

Hello People!

This is the real problem of many content creators to choose a platform for them.
Here, I am trying to help you to overcome this situation. Read the complete article, it will definitely help you to tell you the best blogging platform available in 2020

Well, Below are some important points to make your decision. I am going to share with you all the best blogging platforms available in the market. Let’s discuss these evergreen and popular options available.

1. WordPress

It is the most popular and widely used open-source CMS (Content Management System) in the world. According to WordPress itself, around 36% of the world’s website uses this platform. The most important feature is its more than 50000 plugins which are completely free and ready to be installed. WordPress is the most trusted and used service globally. It itself a multi-billion dollar of the economy as thousands of companies and people associated with it are selling products based on it.

You just required a domain and hosting to start with it. Today most of the companies are providing WordPress hosted services. These are just like plug and play service.

There are two variants available in the market ie WordPress.com and WordPress.org
WordPress[dot]com is a paid service where user can purchase hosting with the domain name and start their blogging journey and WordPress[dot]org is an open-source cms, ready to be installed if used outside the wordpress.com. Its is extremely customisable even ads from different channels like Adsense, affiliates or banners can easily be placed across the blog.

  • I always use WordPress[dot]org because of the flexibility and it is used widely. 
  • Themes available are free as well as paid. 
  • There are hundreds of thousand themes are available. 
  • Theme exists for blogs, e-commerce, photography blogs, forums etc.

Just because there are hundreds of things which you can explore about WordPress by searching over the internet. I have created the below infographics to give you a glimpse of it.

Wordpress Key Features

2. Blogger

Blogger or Blogspot is a service provided by Google. It is both free as well as paid but the best part of this service is the cost. It’s very reasonable. This platform is usually for the amateurs travellers or people who need hazel free setup just to express their views. It has very limited customisation options and even themes are not widely available.

Let’s break this up in Pros and Cons
Pro’s for Blogger
  • Easy to setup
  • Its free for everyone
  • Very limited options for coding
  • Free themes are very simple
Con’s for Blogger
  • Available themes are not great to use
  • Monitization opportunities are minimum
  • Dashboard design is not that great

Still millions are using blogger as this platform is a choice for way too many people around the world.

3. Tumblr

It is a free microblogging platform whereas won’t provide you with your domain to be hosted at its platform it means if you create a blog then it should be on their server and Tumblr.com suffix is been added to it.

It allows user to put stories, photos, gif, links, quips, jokes, Spotify tracks and much more stuff.

Tumblr claimed to have more than 500 million blogs running over its platform.But the things user cannot get is the privilege  and flexibilities like WordPress.

No Ads form Adsense, No plugins, No personalised domain, No Widgets.

As there is a difference between Tumblr and Twitter. Tumblr is a microblogging platform and Twitter is a microblogging social media platform.

I used it for quick posts or as it says a microblog.

Apart from the above blogging platforms, if you are not a content generator and want your views to get instant reactions to give a chance to microblogging platform ie Twitter.

Above are the three recommendations from my end these options fulfil the requirements of almost 90% of the internet users. Hence you may find many more options for your blogging requirements like square space, six or Weebly but I prefer mostly these three.

So these are blogging platform available in 2020 or may be for next sometime.

If you know any other great options please share with me down below in the comment box.


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