Tools to analyse trends in the Market

Tools to analyse trends in the Market

Before starting a blog post, it is important to identify the demand of the market. It will always help if blog posts are about the fresh searches.

Hello People!

Blogging is a work of creativity, dedication and consistency. Apart from this, it is also about identifying the demand of the people looking for information over the internet. Each time when I start working on an article, the first thing I took up as a challenge to identify the most demanded topics or the topics which people are searching at.

But before we jump on the solution Lets have a look at “demand identification” term.

What is Demand Identification?

Demand is the amount of information a user is willing to get. The definition of demand is differ from economics or marketing  because blog is a platform for providing information and not for selling products or services.

Lets take an example of a blog which is providing information about fitness. They are offering articles based on Yoga, Zumba, Gym, Weight loss etc.

You may see that there are 4-5 subjects on which they are writing about. But if they keep on writing without doing any market research or without tapping the latest demands from the people looking for such information. They will somehow loose the audiance which they might gain in a long run.

Long back I did this blunder of writing content without proper researching the topics, if people are actually looking for it or not. Those were the dark days as the traffic on those articles are almost close to zero. I did a trend analysis on those keywords and surprised to discover that it was only me who believed in those keywords, whereas people are actually not searching for it.

Lets start with the tool which can help us in identifying trending topics for the blog. The most preferred tools by the experts are mostly available to all without a penny.


Google dominates more than 80% search market alone. It also provides high level and detailed insights, trends and searches patterns through its indigenously developed tools. Our first 4 tools itself belongs to Google, they are available to all and would not charge a single penny to use them.

Google Trends

One of the most commonly know and underminned tool, which is a serious help to figure out the current ongoing trends in the market. It allows to compare the search terms, shows a complete graph with geographic location and related topics and queries. Trends allows to filter Location, time period, categories and search type for better understanding about the searched term.

Keyword Planner

This is the widely used tool across the industry because of two reasons

  • It belongs to google and data provided by the tool is authenticated by Google itself.
  • Secondly, It actually helps you to understand the search term or keyword based on searches on Google.

Apart from the searched keyword, Keyword Planner also provides you with a wide range of related keywords with average monthly searches and competition in the market on that particular keyword.

Search Results bottom

At the bottom of every search result page (SERP) google suggest some topics mostly with long tail keywords. They are the terms widely searched by the audience. It is wise to take ideas from there.

Follow Google Blog

Google itself a great trend setter, it is completely fine to keep following it on its blog page as well as on social media channels. Time to time it also publishes the trends going in the market.

Other Ways

  • Following Industry Experts is also a great idea to know the trends.
  • Quora is a platform for Q&A’s and shows a straight direction towards the trending topics.
  • Reddit is also known as the front page of the internet and its a very active community of billion, searching the need is completely worth it and good utilisation of time.
  • Always keep track on  Industry-leading Publication in the Market, journalist always runs behind hot topics.

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