Points to remember while writing a blog

Points to remember while writing a blog

Engagement for a blog is necessary to spread your words. We will discuss here core points to remember while writing a blog from creating to posting.

Hello People!

There is no such thing as absolute writing, its a style of each one of us to express our views and share our knowledge so that people can connect with it. So I thought to discuss with you a few points to remember while writing a blog.

When I started as a Blogger and attempted to write a piece of content for a corporate blog, believe me, it took me two days to complete it. I still remember I did 4 drafts, rephrased almost every sentence and keep on adding impactful words into it. But till the end, I am not satisfied with it.

In my journey of blogging, I figured out a few minor but crucial mistakes which I made as a beginner. I am going to share some points to remember while writing a blog for your website.

Title should be to the point and create positive impact

This is the first impression of the article and if it goes wrong believe me at the same point the engagement with content ended.

This is the most crucial part to label the article with to the point heading. The title should be self-explanatory, what the content is all about.

Lets take the example of this article I started as “beginners mistakes” no doubt its a catchy title but at the same time a negative element to identify problems added to it. But as the title goes now “Points to remember while writing a blog” looks more positive and consultive for the people looking for some help in writing.

Write for audience not just for your own satisfaction

Before start writing it is important to find the actual need of your reader. Most of the content creators made this basic mistake,  not to identify the content searched by the readers.

Content writing is a skill to present your ideas or information in the simplest form possible. Always remember you are not writing a book but exhibiting information to the common people who are searching for the solutions.

Not just language but also systematical drafting is parallel important. 

Create content that should Engage audience

Engagement is the key to success. If the content creator fails to engage the audience nobody is going to spend their precious time with the articles.

It doesn’t mean to add jokes or comic GIF’s maybe in some cases that would help but add some good stuff like beautifully created infographics, some analytical data, screenshots related to it or more likely short videos.

There are a number of methods one may use to get good engagement and Yes these components also help the audience to understand the article easily.

At least an hour for editing

Once writing gets over, editing comes as the next step in this process.

Well, if you ask me why is it necessary?

Here is a quick exercise for you, Write a piece of content and try to make all the possible necessary changes into it. Place the content in front of someone and ask him/her to just read it, normally proofreaders do all this. A person doing it as a job and a person reading it as an audience will share with you some contrasting thoughts. Take the midway value the changes or corrections are you are ready to go.

Content formatting and posting

Whatever the platform you are using may it be WordPress, Blogger or another try to keep it with proper formatting. It makes your content look good. 

We will discuss in some other article about detailed formatting.

But the term stands here for font size, alignment, tags, categories, images or heading tags and many more are there. This will help your content to be like starters to desert a clear boundary between each section of the content.

Keep writing and comment down below if any help is required.


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