How to create a blog using WordPress

How to create a blog using WordPress

In the last few months, I realised that people are still struggling to understand Blogging. As a blogging professional, I am having experience with many companies and help them to bring the targeted traffic on their blogs.

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In the last few months, I realised that people are still struggling to understand Blogging and How to create a Blog. As a blogging professional, I am having experience with many companies and help them to bring the targeted traffic on their blogs.

What is a Blog?

Well, Individual blogging and business blogging are poles apart, so I thought to bring this platform Pro Blogging Hub to share my views and try to make others understand aspects to blogging. In this blog, I am going to discuss specifics on how to create a business blog using WordPress and a few basics about its promotion. This article helps businesses to understand the importance of a blog, attached to their websites. I assure you it is quite simple but makes a big impact on your PROFITS. But before that, it is important to understand that why we need, refer to my article.

Why Blogging?

Blogs are the lifeline of any business whether top bosses realise or not. It helps you to get a good amount of targeted audience and help showcase your expertise to the world. I have personally experienced that the queries generated showcasing expertise are highly positive and direct. Creating a blog requires dedication, focus and patience.
Below are the few random queries I occasionally encountered

  • Which is the best platform to start a blog ?
  • How to manage the blog ?
  • How to get the best SEO activities for it ?
  • How to promote the blog on social media channels ?

Getting started from buying a domain and a web hosting service. You can choose these two things offered by a wide number of providers like Hostgator, Godaddy, Bigrock and so on. If you are thinking to buy it from some local service providers because of price don’t go for it, because you need at least 99.9% uptime so that your users could not find it to be offline in any number of minute. 

If you already have a website then you can make a subdomain out of it, named it as “blog” like or

Which is the best platform to start a blog?

Now it’s time to choose a platform to run your blog. I personally use WordPress just because it is easy to use and thousands of plugins are available for customization, other reason is that I am not a core technical person.

These days domain registration websites also provides WordPress hosting almost the same rates of buying domain & hosting separately. It is also a good option to choose.

Here is your blog ready to operate and help your to generate traffic.

WordPress Login and Customization

Once you login to your blog page, a panel with number of features appers at the left hand side of the dashboard. Below are the brief about the options and what you can do with it-

Theme Selection and Customization

There are multiple online stores which provide premium themes for wordpress, buy it from there or use free themes installed by default in Theme section of your wordpress. So many websites provide free themes for wordpress but before installing those themes it is important to check if the theme is clean or not. Better prefer to go for default theme or purchase it from some trusted online stores like mythemeshop or theme forest.

In appearance section click on “Widgets” from this section you can drag and drop your fields like Text Box, Social Media Icons, Latest Post Section, Popular Post Section and many more. In “Theme Options” you can change your theme layout according to your need.

Plugins –Plugins are the most helpful elements of wordpress, it makes your work more easy then any other platform does. Here are few recommended plugins for your business blog.

Yoast SEO- This will help you to optimise your SEO effectively. Yoast SEO is one of the most trusted pluging among the wordpress community. It will help to optimise the complete SEO for the Post, Categories, Pages etc.

Akismet- Akismet is a anti spam service helps and protect the blog from unwanted spam. Spams are generally slow down the website load time. If the website is popular than spam is a regular activity of it.

Disqus- Disqus helps you to manage the daily comments on the blog and again helps to block spam comments and allow genuine comments to be posted. User generated comments helps the blog to come up in search ranking.

Google XML Sitemaps – Google XML Sitemaps automatically generates your blog’s XML sitemap. It will your blog to get index in search engine faster. Google XML Sitemaps creates a complete structure of your blog and help crawlers to read it more effectively.

Jetpack by WordPress – Jetpack is a powerful plugin includes Customisation, Mobile theme, Content tools, Visitors engagements, Site performance and Security.

Floating Social Bar – It is important to share content on social media channels. It helps you to get more new blog readers. Floating Social Bar is a floating social sharing buttons on your content engage user to share content instantly.

Limit Login Attempts – For blog security Limit Login Attempts is one of the most helpful plugins to install. It will limit the login attempts for your blog and make your blog safe from hackers.
There are thousands of plugins available with WordPress. You can explore according to your need and idea. For more plugins visit at wordpress.

Content Creation –Now the most important section of any blog after completing all these technicalities, here comes content publishing or article posting. Most bloggers face this situation to get the content for their business blogs. Let me tell you taking content form any other source or to make some modification in someone’s content won’t help you much here.

If you want your blog looks different and portrays a positive image of your company. Then there are few solutions which may help you to run your blog successfully –

  • Ask your employees for the contribution. Publish the post with their names to boost their moral (post the blog by their names or distribute some freebies to them) for their work.
  • Hire a domain expert freelancer to write for your blog or a full time content writer.
  • Publish Case studies/White papers on your blog. Clients and Readers must know about the expertise and skills you are having.
  • Make it a place to share big highlights about your company indirectly.
  • Do not promote your company on your blog but showcase your skills and expertise.

Most of the companies make their blogs to share articles about the industries or the current updates just to rotate the content. Try to be creative and don’t bore your audience sharing the same thing daily. Do some iceing on it and present with some different flavor too.

Optimisation of Blog for Search Engines –

Search Engine Optimisation is an important factor to make your business blog understand for search engines like google, bing etc. You must have herd about the terms like keywords, phrases, title, meta tags, meta description etc. 
There are two types of SEO activities to be executed. 

  • On page Optimisation
  • Off page Optimisation

On page Optimisation – Optimising the content of Title, Meta Tags and Meta Description are the major parts of it. Keyword Planner is a tool helps you to identify the best keywords for you or if you have keywords for targeting you can check the competition and monthly search of the keywords. By choosing the best keywords it can be putted in Title, Meta Tags, Meta Description as well as in your content. Take the help of SEO plugin’s like Yoast SEO, they will make it easy and suggest you before you publish the post.

Note: SEO is an important factor but “Content is the king”.

Off-Page Optimisation  – It helps you to build links which point towards your blog knows as backlinks. These activities are performed to drive traffic to your blog.

Social Media Marketing – 

Apart from SEO, Social media is anothe way or I can say a must for today. Social Media easily helps to reach content to the targeted users. There are many popular social media channels you can use for your blog.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

These are few most popular channels where you can share your content and get the direct traffic for your blog. It is important to identify the best medium to share your stuff so that it can reach the audience you are targeting. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn also provides paid advertising medium to make your targeting more specific. They are most like paid google adwords campaign.

* Marketing is all about creativity. The more you creative the more you will be able to engage your audiance.

Webmaster and Analytics –

Webmaster –  Webmaster helps you to get the website or blog indexed in that search engine. It informs the search engine whenever you post a fresh piece of content. Crawling errors and Indexing errors are detected by it. There are two major webmasters Google and Bing. It is important and advisable to submit your domain in it.

Google Analytics – It is important to identify that the goal you set while creating the blog is in its direction or not. To identify the good or bad analytics about the blog use Google Analytics. It provides the complete details about the traffic, geographic locations, sources etc. about your blog.

I have tried to cover most of the things in it. Hope this post will help you to start a business blog. In case of any query kindly comment in section down below.


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