Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners!

Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners!

Plugins are the most crucial programs of the WordPress ecosystem. These plugins for beginners can help to make your web pages rank better.

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In this part of blogging, we will discuss about the plugins.

What are WordPress plugins?

Plugins are the most important element of the WordPress ecosystem, these are the small programs which are compatible with this ecosystem and enhance the capability of the blog exponentially.

If you have decided to choose WordPress as a platform for your website or Blog. It is my responsibility to share information about the plugins.

WordPress is an open ecosystem in which anyone can contribute in any of the ways to grow in terms of features, plugins, testing and so on. The CMS is benefited by these plugins in a big way.

Different WordPress plugins help to manage different tasks. Before proceeding further let me answer it in YES that these are important. You may find the plugins as free as well as with their paid versions. I suggest you go with paid or pro versions. Pro versions are the full versions of the plugins with full features and support in case of help required. Whereas free versions are less secured and come with limited features.

I am sharing you the four must have plugins which even I prefer for my blog.

1. Yoast SEO

It is one of the widely used plugins for managing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) activities. The Pro version of this plugin consists of the number of helpful features but the two which I personally feel great are Readability check and SEO Analysis. These two features provide detailed instructions to improve readability and optimization.

You may also consider other options too. All-In-One SEO and many others are available in the market and are quite good.

2. Akismet

It is one of the most used plugin in its category. Akismet main feature is to filter out the Spams from your comment section. Most of the bloggers faced this problem of spamming daily, hundreds of such comments may kill your time. Filtering comments manually is a challenging task but this plugin automatically filters out these comments and make your site safe from any unwanted content injection.

3. Google Sitemap

Sitemap feature is already available with SEO plugins but I prefer to use Google sitemap plugin separately. Sitemaps are very helpful for the arrangement of website links and help search engines to crawl it effectively. Google sitemap is a free plugin and very helpful in organising the links on the webpage4.

4. Redirection

Redirection is basically used to redirect the traffic to another active page. This plugin provides easy 301 redirection, 404 errors and much more.

There are many more plugin you may use. These are my recommendation. For any suggestions or queries comment down below.

Happy Blogging!

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